TurtleArt Cards amazon

What are TurtleArt cards?

The cards are an introduction to TurtleArt's coding environment. Each box contains 32 unique cards, 16 white technique cards and 16 art cards. The technique cards are marked by complexity. One turtle means simple, two turtles means a bit more complicated, and three turtles means even more so.

The cards were created by Paula, Brian and Artemis Papert, our TurtleArtist in residence.

How do I use the cards?

Spend a couple of hours with the technique cards. Directly copying these cards will help explain the user interface in TurtleArt. You will also learn coding basics like how to make squares, circles, dashes, and dots. Make variations on the cards that you have copied by changing positions, adding color, or using some randomness. This activity gives kids the opportunity to discover new things by chance.

The art cards have been created by master TurtleArtists who have perfected the coding techniques in the app. We encourage you to take them apart and remix each of the samples to create your own unique pieces of art.

What makes the cards successful in a classroom setting is that they provide students with the satisfaction of creating something beautiful early in their experience with TurtleArt. We have found that this motivates children to learn the code.

How many card sets do I need in my classroom?

We recommend purchasing one box of cards per 5-10 children in your classroom.

Privacy Policy: TurtleArt does not collect any information about you or your use of the app